Friday, 9 July 2010

So I guess I'm no different to bloggers the world over, and have gone for several months without posting a sausage ( would that work?). Well, that's my choice, I suppose, the blog police aren't aren't checking - or are they?..... The thing is that...

[time passes...]

Oh God - what is the thing? I left this draft post mid sentence last November, and have gone another several months before getting busy and organised enough in my head to commit fingers to blog (oh dear, pen to paper is too C20th, but fingers to blog sounds rather pervy, even though it's technically accurate).

So, what is the thing? Today it is this:- I must, I must, I must develop a better blogging habit...or must I?

I have no problem reading all the blogs I follow (93 and counting) on a daily basis (though sometimes I hoard them until the weekend and have a luxurious extended session, like a candlelit bubblebath - obviously I don't read them in the bath, that would be dangerous laptop madness, although.....NO! - has anyone invented a waterproof laptop yet?). I marvel at the discipline and general bravery of people who put stuff out there on a daily or weekly basis.

[more time passes....]

Good Grief, so I managed a whole paragraph before I abandoned ship again, and it's now the middle of July. THE MIDDLE OF JULY!!!! (thats July 2010, in case you were wondering). At this rate, I anticipate actually publishing (and being damned) sometime in May 2094, by which time this may all be irrelevant as we swish around town on our hoverboots wearing our shiny silver jumpsuits.

Anyway, so I was talking about THE THING, and what it is/was/will be, and it is THIS................

[no time has passed this time, that was just a pause for dramatic effect]

The thing is definitely seems to me that there are two types of blogger - some blog because they have something to say and just need a place to say it and the potential for having an audience is incidental but there are those who do it because they need someone to listen and hope someone will hear and respond, or be tempted to buy their product, or support their view or ...whatever - it's a shop window for your personality.

I'm not sure which camp I fall into or how I find out, or if it even really matters, but I am going to make a deal with myself not to give myself such a hardtime for not getting round to posting on a regular basis, and to get off my butt and start posting on a regular basis. The list of excuses for not achieving this can all be shot down with something my Mother always used to say when I was a kids...... Just bloody do it, and stop asking so many sodding questions.