Thursday, 16 April 2009

New ways to avoid getting on with what I' supposed to be doing!

As if I needed any more, I have now found a NEW way of prevaricating - I thought I was being SOOOO busy and efficient, taking pictures of bracelets and brooches to upload on to the Etsy shop, when all of a sudden I noticed how interesting they are in their own right - pornographic closeups of beads and textiles - vereh sexeh - just look!

So then, I started thinking about showing the bracelets in action - since I mention in their description that not only can you wear them, but you can use them to decorate your home, and I thought I ought to show some pictures of that.

And then, I started thinking about how to convey a sense of scale in the pictures, specially in the brooch photos - I don't want to have to measure each one as they're all pretty much the same size, but it's sometimes difficult to gauge the scale of items on Etsy, so I've been round the house looking for ineresting objects to include that will impart this, and tomorrow will experiment a little.


  1. You are right Manda, these are really interesting in their own right. I'm sure they are great sellers on Etsy!

  2. third time lucky I am trying to post this on a cliff top camp site...just bought one of your lovely bracelets in St Mawes...cant wait to wear it...if you see us in our orange camper van give us a wave..H

  3. Hi again...can you send me a link to your etsy the one on the blog isnt working...I feel a bit of shoping coming H